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Total Personal Development Coach

About Rana

Rana Walker is a professional mental health therapist and wellness coach. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Howard University and later obtained Master’s degree of Education in Counseling Psychology from Temple University.

Hailing from a long line of healers, she has more than 25 years of experience creating wellness venues for others. She has lectured and facilitated workshops domestically and abroad.  Her overseas travels to Europe, the UK, Asia, South America, Africa, and the Caribbean, as well as her residence in Ghana, West Africa have laid the groundwork for her far-reaching worldview.

She has completed coursework in alternative medicine ranging from nutrition to shamanic healing, as well as a certification as an American kickboxing instructor and trained in Muay Thai.

Rana has been featured in several national publications for her fitness, wellness coaching, and business acumen. She also has credits in television health segments, locally, nationally, and internationally, including being a health coach for Discovery Health Channel’s six-program miniseries titled “Health Cops: Sentenced to Health,” which premiered in 2002.

She starred as one of two original life coaches on Season 1 of NBC’s groundbreaking program, “Starting Over,” which aired daily and won an Emmy for her role.

Rana is dedicated to total personal development—mind, body, and spirit. Her  coaching system provides her clients with holistic, life-changing guidance while challenging their self-imposed limitations with innovative and intense mental, physical, and spiritual activities.

After 4 years of intense spiritual coursework, Rana became a licensed spiritual practitioner to further deepen her awareness.

She has co-produced television programs since 2001, and renewed her love for writing, as evidenced in her column Self Love...Mind, Body, Spirit.

This column was part of different publications; one celebrated Africa and the Diaspora, and the other one focused on high-end fashion.

Rana recently published her first academic chapter, "I Can Breathe: Transforming the Mind, Body and Spirit of Black Males", in “The Research Handbook on Black Males,” published by MSU Press and is currently working on two children's books. 

She is a certified yoga instructor and mindfulness teacher who has taught students from 2-90 years of age, by guiding them through the art of yoga and practicing the presence.  Rana has translated her zest for life into her life’s passion—helping others to reveal who they are in truth.

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