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"We're all just walking each other home"

-Ram Dass

" Two things make life easier: having a good relationship with your intuition and not being afraid of change "


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When it comes to holistic healing and wellness, Rana Walker is the expert. Feel free to read her blog for some tips and advice on enhancing your mental, physical, and spiritual well being.

Happy 2021...Here's my very first Blog Post...Welcome to Unfiltered!

The way we live our lives is unfiltered if we're being honest therefore, I decided to share my writing, stream of consciousness style without edits to maintain the raw grit and integrity of the moment.  This was written in a reflective writing class where we're allotted 23 minutes to respond to a writing prompt or not.  This process allows me to free my soul and express myself...unfiltered.

   How many ways can you express love, how many ways can you reject love, how many ways can you embody love and how many ways can you receive love and how many ways can you make love? Love is the essence of all things and it is truly what makes the world go round. Love is the strongest force in the world and the most hastily used word in our interactions with one another. I just love your hair, I love this show, Don’t you love her bag? I absolutely love this tea, Ok, love, talk to you later. Hey Love, How are you? Excuse me love can I get by? I looooooove him soooooo much!!! What’s love go to do with it? Teach me how to love, It’s a Love Thang, A love Supreme, my absolute favorite…The Greatest Love of All. So, it seems we are always in search of love whether it’s with ourselves or with another. The quest for love never ends. We seek it in the tangible and the intangible, love is inexhaustible, our thirst is never quenched we are forever looking for that magnificent rainfall of love, that downpour that protects us, feeds our soul and expands our heart in infinite ways, places and spaces. We are the love that we are seeking but have been taught that it is outside of us. We need physical proof and demonstration that someone, anyone loves us, values us and deems us worthy of their love. So, we surrender our own power over love and hand it over to someone else who is just as clueless as we are as to the real secret which is that we are the prize, we are seeking to love and embrace ourselves but through the eyes of another which will never yield the truth about self love and knowing that the depth of love that we are projecting onto another is the love that we are desiring to give ourselves. Right the wrong message, we are only love and can be nothing other. Love we will always be… eternally.

Written by Rana Walker, M. Ed.-02/15/21

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